You’d have to be crazy to say no to this Italian dish around the campfire. Warm and savory pasta, with a touch of pesto and cheese, on a chilly day is exactly what you deserve after a full day of hiking.


Water  20oz
Durum Semolina Pasta  4oz
Basil  6oz
Garlic Cloves 5
Handful of Pine Nuts
 Parmigiano Reggiano  2oz
Olive Oil  3tbsp
Salt  2tsp


  1. Use your mug to measure the milk.
  2. Pour milk into the pot and put the pot on the solo stove.
  3. Chop up chocolate bar.
  4. When milk starts steaming, add the chocolate and stir.
  5. Add salt and corn starch.
  6. Keep stirring and bring to a boil. Remove from heat.
  7. Whip up cream sweetened with maple syrup.
  8. Pour, add spoonful of cream and enjoy.



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