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  • The Best in the West

    Before this trip, we had only been as far west as southwest Colorado. We’ve been east coasters our whole life and took on the west on this trip for that reason. The west is a vast and ever changing landscape that has many different environments to offer. Now that we’re getting close to hitting the […]

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  • Meet the Van.Babes

    Hey y’all! We are Emily and Macy and we call ourselves the Van Babes. We’ve been best friends for ten years and for the last month we’ve been living and traveling in our converted Chevy van, who we call Lil Ma. We have a pretty extensive route planned, hitting mostly national parks and major cities […]

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  • The Wonders of Waterfalls

    Cool Clear Water Discover the wonderful waterfalls of Alabama From the magnificent 100 foot drop of DeSoto Falls, to the small roadside falls off Hwy. 227 outside of Guntersville, the state of Alabama is rich in the natural resource of waterfalls. A gradual drop in elevation from the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains down to […]

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